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Muriel Ouziel


Nutrition and Micronutrition Coach

Doctor of Pharmacy

Who am I?

As a Doctor of Pharmacy (Paris V, René Descartes) for more than 18 years, I have worked in industry and then in the pharmacy network. On many occasions, I have noted the essential role of nutrition in the prevention of diseases of civilization (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, cancer...) and also in the support of patients suffering from specific pathologies.

I specialized in the field of Nutrition and Micronutrition by following the curriculum of the University of Medicine of Dijon (2016).

I am convinced that our diet is absolutely essential to provide us with the nutrients and micronutrients we need for the proper functioning of the body (not to mention the importance of regular sports activity and sleep...).  


My job is to establish a nutritional and micronutritional assessment linked to the person's lifestyle, then to support them, according to their objective, needs and constraints, achieve a better health balance.

Our diet not only has an impact on the prevention of diseases of civilization but also on our daily well-being (energy, stress management, sleep quality, digestion). It is never too late to learn to choose the right balance of "healthy food" by providing our cells with the nutrients and micronutrients they need, depending on the time of day and respecting our biological clocks (metabolism, hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis).

I offer personalized support to you if you want to :

- Recover your fitness weight and stabilize it while combining "healthy food" and enjoyment

- Better understand the key to a "healthy diet" in relation to our biological clocks (optimizing our metabolism, the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin) and the body's needs in nutrients and micronutrients

- Optimize your diet in a situation (sports training) or at a period of your life (childhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pre/menopause)

- Reduce disturbing disorders in everyday life (digestion, fatigue, stress, mood...)

- Adapt your diet to a specific pathology (diabetes, hypertension, inflammatory bowel diseases)


I am a member of the IEDM (European Institute of Micronutrition), a member of the SiiN (Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition), a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Société de la Clinique Française (London).


In clinic:

Make Me Feel,

25 abbeville rd,




Initial consultation : 150£ (75mn)

Follow-up consultation: 90£ (40mn)

Virtual consultation available (Zoom, Teams, Skype)

More info on:

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