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Psychological counselling


At the moment consultations are only available in French.

Professionals of the healthcare profession, we seek to bring precious aid designed to converse and respond to all the various emotions revolving around your desire to have a child, your pregnancy or giving birth.


Indeed, following a medical treatment with the intention of a pregnancy can be difficult to deal with emotionally especially in the day-to-day (tension within the couple, stress, feelings of loneliness and culpability). Desiring a child for months without any tangible progress can be a source of great suffering and the woman or the couple might express the need to unburden their difficulties in a benevolent environment.


Pregnancy is a period during which the mother is the most sensitive and might need the help of a professional in order to manage her strong and unsettling emotions (worries,doubts, traumatic events experienced during the pregancy, medical problems...).


Finally, the arrival of a newly-born can upturn the established order: your child may be different to the imagined one and you may have trouble getting attached to him, child-birth may have been difficult, you may be living a period of baby-blues, the father might not know how to find a place within the new family, the shortened nights might generate stress at the heart of the couple...


In any situation, you can ask for one-off help. Consultations can be proposed in a spirit of frank exchange, acknowledgement and acceptance of difficulties.

Psychologists, we are here to help the mother and the couple to deal with these changes.

These consultations can be one-time or more regular, in response to demand.


Laura Chamouard 
+44 7562 674 434
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