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Sophrology is a discipline used to mobilize all the potential and resources of the human being. It lies at the crossroads between Western neuroscience with specific methodology and Far Eastern yogic sources.


Faced with the recognition of stress as a 21st century afflication, sophrology (relaxation therapy) has emerged as one of the major disciplines for individuals to develop their personal skills to cope with the conditions of modern life.

Sophrology (relaxation therapy) is a method based on breathing, relaxation, body movements and mental visualization. Through simple and accessible techniques, relaxation therapy helps to build and maintain self-confidence, physical and mental harmony, autonomy, and obtain the resources for everyone to have a positive look to the future.


Practicing these techniques positively helps each person to attain lower stress levels, improve sleep, manage emotions, improve concentration, increase energy levels, improve self-esteem and self confidence, leading to harmony in mind, body and soul.

In preconception planning the sophrology techniques can accompany a Medically Assisted Procreation and be integrated into the management of infertility.


During pregnancy, the sophrology/relaxation therapy approach fits into the overall preparation for birth, and can help anticipate a serene labour and delivery. Sophrology incorporates the conventional birth preparations whilst adding deep relaxation, breathing and positive visualisation methods. The aim is to provide the future mother with awareness of her body, of her abilities and those of her baby, with the ultimate sensation of being in charge of the birth.


After birth, it can help to support breastfeeding difficulties, fatigue, changes related to the birth ...etc


Sophie, sophrologist

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