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Pierre Etcheverry

Osteopath specialised in pediatrics

Meet Pierre:

Pierre specialises in treating infants and young children as well as pregnant women through a cranio-sacral approach. He has been working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (now the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy) and as well at Body & Soul (AIDS children support charity) as an osteopath.


He uses a combined approach for treatment involving visceral and cranial osteopathic techniques which can be particularly beneficial for pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly."


Pierre is also a Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer working with Mums during and after their pregnancy. To see the benefits and to get more information please check the Pilates/PT page.



In clinic or home visits available:






OneBody Clinic

23 Chiswick High Road,
W4 2ND

Days in clinic:         Monday - Wednesday

Lucerne Clinic

5a Lucerne Mews

Notting Hill

London W8 4ED

Days in clinic:   Tuesday morning,

                            Thursday afternoon,

                            Saturday morning


In clinic

Chiswick                               £70

Notting Hill                          £80


Home visit:

Consultation for mum:                     £130

                        for bébé:                      £120

                        for maman + bébé:     £220

Booking online:

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