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Sophie McGrath


Who am I?

Trained at the Sophrology Academy in the UK, I got the opportunity to learn from very experienced sophrologists and today my work is all about helping people to find their inner peace, reveal their own potential and find the resources to deal with all the challenges they may face.

Today I mostly with women, helping them to go through important life changes, whether personal or professional. And helping women bloom throughout pregnancy and become a mother is an amazing adventure!

Sophrology offers a very valuable pre- and post-natal support, with its unique combination of breath work, body awareness, and positive visualization.

It can be a very precious help for:

  • Conception;

  • Releasing tensions and reducing unpleasant or uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy;

  • Preparing for the birth itself, whether a natural birth or with medical intervention; each birth is unique!

I also offer post-natal sessions for mums and babies, where the aim is to:

  • Relax and help baby to release tensions;

  • Cope with fatigue and recuperate;

  • Regain stability and balance in your new life;

  • Explore and find your values as a parent and increase your self-confidence.


More about sophrology.​


Two different locations


Medicare Français,
198-200 Earls Ct Rd,




58 South Molton St,




For days available and locations : more infos at


Consultations: £80 (60 minutes)

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