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NutriFamilies Adventure

Nutrition for families


Préparation du dîner en famille

When a child is invited into the kitchen, they learn teamwork, feel useful, increase their ability to concentrate and increase their self-confidence. The sense of responsibility sets in, it develops and refines their 5 senses and most importantly, when children cook, they develop a positive relationship with food.

The child will taste and appreciate more what he eats if he has prepared the food, touched it, and smelled it. But cooking with your child can sometimes be confusing! Where to start? What activities can he undertake? Certain situations can overwhelm us and we do not know how to manage them (refusal of certain foods, refusal to come to the table / stay at the table ...)

This is why I created the Nutri Families adventure - A support program that allows parents to better organize themselves in the kitchen, by preparing varied and balanced dishes, with the help of their child(ren), and therefore enjoy more peaceful meals as a family.

We know that fun and meaningful activities help our children learn.

I accompany you so that your meals become fun-filled and stress-free so that your child enjoys this moment with the family while becoming an adventurer in the kitchen.


Over the course of a month, you will receive:

  • Recipes

  • Shopping lists

  • Activities that children can do according to each recipe

  • Games every week so that the child gets familiar and has fun with food

  • Individual coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Nutri Minutes - informative content on the benefits of the ingredients used so that children understand why we choose certain foods

  • Support by WhatsApp to answer all your questions

  • Photos to inspire and motivate you in the kitchen

  • And so much more...

There are 4 adventures per year, one per season (because each recipe is made up of seasonal vegetables and fruits) and with a specific theme each time (digestion, immunity…).

You can also learn more about the adventure by clicking here.


Lauriane, nutritionist

07444 791 813

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